Open and Shut Case For Convertibles

Used to be, buying a convertible meant that you were buying a second car that could only be used for driving on days where it wasn’t going to rain; most of the time, the convertible would be sitting in the garage, because it might have to sit out in a parking lot.

Convertibles still have security issues – parking them with the top down is an invitation to have problems in a lot of urban areas. But advances in engineering have made them much more practical all weather cars than they used to be in the past.

Lexus – 2009 Best and Worst Cars

Lexus offers a quality line up for 2009 but their hybrids are not at all affordable! They offer the LS Hybrid at an unheard of $105,885 and the GS Hybrid at $56,400—okay, let’s all shake out our piggy banks and head for the dealership!

Beyond their hybrids, Lexus does offer up some luxury cars that are great to look at and great to drive. Sadly, this reviewer could find nothing on their website about being environmentally responsible…unless they have it disguised under another name?

We took a look at two of their family sedans, one hybrid and one standard, and when you make your next Lexus purchase, remember to buy a Lexus extended warranty that will increase the value of your car; both resale and trade in values.

2009 Dodge Trucks – The Best and the Worst

Dodge is a division of the Chrysler Corporation and most people know this, but some may not be aware of it.

Dodge is known for their powerful Hemi engines and the ruggedness of their truck, and they seemed to be the first US truck maker to realize we needed so much storage in our cabs, even for our laptops, that these trucks are pretty tricked out.

Still, we hope the Dodge division of Chrysler also jumps on the environmental trail and comes out with something beyond what they call their hybrid—the diesel.

We checked out two base pick-up trucks from the Dodge Division and whichever one you choose, make sure to pick-up a Dodge extended warranty after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out at 36,000 miles, only their Hemi has a longer warranty.

Chrysler Corporation – 2009 Best and Worst Cars

Chrysler has been through the wringer ever since Lee Iacocca came and left.

They’ve been owned by American investors, German/American investors, and now back to all American investors and they still seem to be able to provide some really good cars in both economy and sedan models.

Chrysler may try to do some recycling at their plants in the US, and after many years of calling for one, they finally have the 2009 Aspen SUV hybrid—about time! A Chrysler spokesperson said once that their diesels were their hybrids—okay?

In any event, we took a look at two family sedans and whichever one you choose, don’t forget to buy a Chrysler extended warranty to help your resale or trade-in values or for those needed repairs once your 3 year warranty runs out.