How Do You Really Know if Your Car Needs a Tune-Up?

The first indication that all is not right with your car is when gas mileage begins to worsen.

You should always keep running tabs that show the average miles per gallon your vehicle is achieving. You can check the average mileage that you are getting and if the figures have begun to drop 10-15% there is a good chance that your automobile would benefit from a little TLC at a garage.

Of course there are some additional signs that can give you clues that let you know if your car could use a tune-up. When you perform routine tune-ups on a vehicle you are rewarded with better mileage and performance, but sometimes some small adjustments can be needed in between scheduled maintenance visits.

There are other reasons besides a tune up that could be the cause of many automotive woes, but this procedure will often clear up minor problems and it is relatively inexpensive.

Here are some of the top problems that occur in cars that are begging for a tune-up:

  • Misfiring of the engine becomes more frequent
  • Unusually rough running, engine coughs and sputters
  • Fast Idling is noticeable, especially when the engine is warm
  • Low power is obvious, especially on hills or when accelerating
  • Rough idling can be felt by the driver and passengers
  • Engine pings and knocks
  • Black smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • Engine continues to run for a few seconds after the car is turned off
  • Engine hesitation
  • Problems starting the engine

Usually you will notice more than one of these signs, and the more of them that are present, the greater the chance that you should take your car in for a check up soon. Some people have cars that may occasionally exhibit one or two of these problems; this is not necessarily an indicator that a tune up is in order. It is when these types of automotive symptoms suddenly occur that the alarm buzzers go off.

If you have been driving a car that has always had a little engine ping that you are used to hearing it may be very normal. You can ask a mechanic to check it out for you, but if your vehicle has already had an extensive work up and it is tuned to perfection, another tune up will not be necessary. There are some automobiles that have idiosyncrasies and if the problem is not major then you should not become overly concerned.

Proper maintenance will keep your car running longer and stay in better shape. But what about those unexpected mechanical breakdowns? Your extended car warranty policy will cover the repairs if you’ve purchased it from Warranty Direct.

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