How to Know Your Car’s Transmission Needs Repair

car transmission So, you are wondering just how to figure out if your transmission is going out. If your car has been giving you trouble, there are a few ways to figure out if it might be the transmission.

Warning Signs

What exactly does your car feel like when it is acting up? How can you tell if it’s going bad? And just what happens if you avoid fixing your transmission?

Here are a few things to keep your eye on to make sure you stay safe.

The transmission is one of the most expensive parts of a vehicle to repair. It is also easy to ruin if you are not careful. Watching the transmission fluid level is one of the easiest ways to know how your transmission is doing.

When checking the automatic transmission fluid, keep the car idling, remove the dipstick and wipe it clean. Get a fresh sample, and compare the colors. Clean fluid should be bright. The darker it is, the more it needs to be attended to. If transmission fluid is dark in a vehicle you are considering purchasing, steer clear. Transmission fluid should never smell burned.

Testing Your Transmission

In order to test the transmission’s delayed engagement, you want to check and see if it shifts easily. If your vehicle does not feel like it wants to creep forward almost immediately upon switching to “D” there may be a problem. This should happen without any strong jerks or clunks. When going into “N” it should smoothly disengage.

When driving your vehicle, being aware of some of the things that might affect your transmission problems will go a long way in helping you know if you have damaged it. Towing can stress a transmission and make it go bad quicker than regular driving, as well as running hot. This includes stop and go traffic, hilly or mountainous driving, and hot water. Make sure to check your transmission fluid after you drive in any of these conditions.

Preventing Problems

Prevention is the best way to take care of your transmission. While some transmission problems can be fixed with a simple repair such as a filter change, more often than not this is not the case. Transmission repair can go up and over $2000 for repairs. Your car obviously cannot drive if it can’t change gears, so if this problem creeps up on you, you must be prepared to repair.

Paying for Transmission Repair

Car repair can quickly eat away at savings, especially if you have a major repair issue such as transmission problems. One way to avoid the huge expense is by having an extended car warranty. Services such as Warranty Direct offer extended warranties that will pay for these types of engine issues. The cost of a transmission repair alone will pay for the policy. If you want to be covered for such emergencies, contact Warranty Direct for more information on extended warranty coverage for your vehicle.

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6 Responses to “How to Know Your Car’s Transmission Needs Repair”

  1. Thank you for this post, this is the one thing that I don’t know much about when it comes to my car, and you are right one can’t drive if you don’t have gears and I know that this after a engine is the most expensive thing to repair. I have really learn’t something knew with regards to the gear box and will duly note this and watch out for it in the future.

  2. wow!!! thank u very much for all this information. Keep on supplying such useful information. It really is interesting.

  3. I think that transmissions require maintenance at regular intervals. If you are experiencing symptoms, it is likely more than maintenance that you need.

  4. I’ve seen a lot of DIY auto body workr and I’m sorry to report that 80% of them need to be redone. And redo’s are more expensive than the repair would have been from the beginning because so much needs to be corrected. But if you are really detailedabout your steps and use your local auto body supply store for advice, you can deliver great results on the first shot.

  5. Thank you so much for this information. I had my transmission repair ten months ago and yes my cost was $2,000.00(2004 jeep liberty 4wd). The company had the approval from the BBB I thought this was a good thing til I find out after I hired them to fix my car, they had several lawsuits pending. Well now it looks like I will be getting in line with the rest of them. I am going back to them for the fourth time but now I have information, thanks to you, that will let them know my knowledge of transmission is a lot more and I will not let them get by with telling me it needs a tune up, I need to get new tires and the last reason they gave me was tires out of balance. Once again Thank you

  6. I have also learned the company or companies of any kind only have to have one person that is certified to work on transmissions the people who work on your car don,t have to be certified—which means sometimes its just another grease monkey

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