PremierCare Now Available For Your Car Repair Auto Warranty Needs

Auto Warranty RepairWarranty Direct has launched a new auto warranty coverage called PremierCare today. Find out more about it. PremierCare is an extensive component coverage that covers the “big ticket” items on your vehicle. These are the parts most likely to fail. PremierCare coverage provides a long list of items that are covered for 12 major systems of your vehicle; internal lubricated parts of your Engine, Transmission, Turbo/Supercharger, Transfer Unit (4×4), Drive Axles, and components of your Steering, Electrical, Front Suspension, Brakes, Air Conditioning, High Tech Electronics, Sport Utility Vehicle features and Seals and Gaskets.

Buying Tips for Summer Deals: Used Car Or New Car?

Summer time is deal-making time at auto dealerships nationwide. Next-year models are already appearing in showrooms, well before the fall months in which the new cars arrive in droves. So to avoid the fall car rush and competition, many dealers are offering best-of-the-year pricing and financing now. But as cars get better and better, and people trade them early because of leases, outstanding values are also available for used cars. So how do you make a smart decision: new car or used car? –> [READ MORE]

Summer Road Trip Vehicle Preparation Tips

Summer is an ideal time for personal and family vacations and road trips. However all that heat, and sometimes sand and dirt, can take a toll on your vehicle – which needs a little extra care to protect your investment. Here are some tips to protect your car, truck or van before, during and after a summer road trip.  –> [READ MORE]

Survey Finds That Millions Of American Drivers Cannot Pay For Major Car Repairs: How You Can Avoid This Trap

A recent survey of American motorists by the AAA found that millions of American drivers would be in serious trouble if their car needed a major repair now:

  • One in four could not pay for a car repair of $2,000
  • One in eight could not even pay for a $1,000 car repair bill
  • One fourth of drivers are neglecting car repairs and maintenance largely due to the economy – which could put them at risk for unexpected car repair costs.

If a $2,000 car repair came up for you, how would you pay for it? The survey found:

  • 38 percent would pay with funds from a savings account
  • 20 percent would pay with their credit cards